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Candy Barr: America's First Porn Princess

A Gentle Mind Confused

When this latest kafuffle in her life began to ebb, Candy apparently re-evaluated the career reassessment she had done while imprisoned.

Book Cover: A Gentle Mind...Confused
Book Cover: A Gentle Mind...Confused

Hairdresser Sahakian divorced Candy when she was sent away, and in March 1964 she took her fourth husband, James Wilson, a humble railroad worker from Louise, Texas.

In 1965, she sought to lift the parole restrictions that prevented her from resuming her career. She was denied but she persisted. In 1969, as her 35th birthday approached, Candy applied for reinstatement to the American Guild of Variety Artists.

But her life was again detoured by a police marijuana raid. This time, she was living in Brownwood, Texas, caring for her dying father, when police arrived on March 11, 1969. The case was eventually tossed because the seizure of the miniscule amount of pot was ruled illegal

In 1972, she published a slim volume of poetry, "A Gentle Mind... Confused," some of which she had written in prison.

The title poem reads:

"Hate the world that strikes you down,
A warped lesson quickly learned,
Rebellion, a universal sound,
Nobody cares ... No one's concerned.
Fatigued by unyielding strife
Self-pity consoles the abused,
And the bludgeoning of daily life
Leaves a gentle mind ... confused."`

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