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Candy Barr: America's First Porn Princess

The Jack Ruby Connection

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby

"I'm through being a stripper," she said. "Prison gave me the opportunity to realize I wasn't bad. I don't think there is any way to describe what I was when I walked into prison. But I walked out a human being."

Candy said she wanted to get home to Edna, forget her silly stage name and go back to being Juanita, a simple Texas housewife.

But she could not escape the spotlight.

Jack Ruby, her old Commerce Street nightclub pal, visited Barr after her release and gave her a getting-out gift of two dachshund puppies.

Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald

The dogs were about six months old when Ruby's name popped up on every newspaper front page in America.

Lee Harvey Oswald, an alienated man obsessed with Russia and Fidel Castro, shot President Kennedy to death in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Two days later, Ruby shot and killed Oswald.

Just 12 hours after that second shooting, the FBI paid a visit to Candy Barr to see what she knew about the assassination of President Kennedy and the murder of his killer.

She said she knew nothing, but to this day some view Candy as a cog in the arcane machinery of the Kennedy conspiracy.

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