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Brian Jones: Death of a Rolling Stone

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Brian Jones was a good-looking lead guitarist. He was very well liked by the female fans, and as a result was a big draw for the concerts that the Rolling Stones performed.

A postcard of the original Cotchford Farm, as it looked around the time of A.A. Milner, the famous writer of Winnie the Pooh. Jones bought Cotchford Farm, and lived there until his death on July 3, 1969.

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Anita Pallenberg was Jones' girlfriend. They sported similar hair styles and were sometimes confused by others as brother and sister. Pallenberg left the relationship to be with Keith Richards, another Stones member.

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Muddy Waters was Brian Jones' hero. Waters placed together the classic combo for blues music, which included rhythm, bass and lead guitar, drums, harmonica, keyboards and a vocalist.

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Drummer Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. Watts suggested going ahead with a scheduled concert just after Jones' death, and dedicate it to Jones. It was widely agreed that it was one of the worst concerts the band ever performed.

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A group photo of the Beatles. John, Paul, George and Ringo were really making waves. There were some similarities the Beatles had with the Rolling Stones, but each band had its own distinctive music.

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Bass guitarist for the Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman. Wyman was one of the more responsible members of the band; he was married, and did not use drugs.

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Mick Jagger, lead singer for the Rolling Stones. Jagger and Richards started to influence the band's music by writing more songs. Eventually, Jones lost creative control of the group and became difficult while recording, so the band and Jones parted company.

Their Satanic Majesties Request album cover. Jones expressed his dislike for the album, and predicted that the public would think it was a Beatles knock-off.

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Brian Jones, looking a little out of it. He suffered from asthma, and experimented with several drugs.

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Marianne Faithfull was a singer who hung out with Mick Jagger. She saw Jones and Jagger fight at a party that was supposed to be a kiss-and-make-up for the two, and was also one of the first aware of Pallenberg's change of heart from Jones to Richards.

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Keith Richards was added to the band as a rhythm guitarist. Jones was worried about having a rock-n-roller in the band, but he and Richards were able to meld their guitars to form the unique sound of the Rolling Stones.

The back yard at Cotchford Farm. The pool where Jones, an excellent swimmer, drowned. The body was pulled from the pool by girlfriend Anna Wohlin and Frank Thorogood, the handyman.

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