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Confessions of an Internet Suicide Chat Room Ghoul


As the case continued to unfold, investigators learned that Nadia had been spending more time on her computer during the weeks prior to her death, and had begun chatting online with those who, like her, suffered from depression. By this time investigators had already been going through both Nadia's and Melchert-Dinkel's computers, finding multiple links that tied them together. As a result of the evidence on Nadia's computer, Canadian police could see that Nadia had been in contact with someone posing as a young woman — possibly using the Internet handle of "Cami." Police further believe that Nadia had entered into a suicide pact with this individual, who police alleged was really Melchert-Dinkel using an alias, who had suggested that she hang herself and to do so in front of a webcam so that "Cami" could watch. Cami allegedly touted hanging as a pain-free option to end one's life, and urged victims to use a webcam so that assistance with "proper positioning," presumably of the noose, could be provided.

"It is really creepy stuff," Blay told The Globe and Mail of Toronto. "If you read the chat logs, it makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck. [He] certainly knows how to push the right buttons."

Nadia Kajouji
Nadia Kajouji

According to St. Paul police spokesman Peter Panos, investigators recovered "a large amount of information from Mr. Melchert-Dinkel's computer" that linked him to several incidents involving internet suicide conversations, including confirmation that Nadia Kajouji "had been conversing with Mr. Melchert-Dinkel online just prior to her disappearance" and that "investigators are now in the process of following up with other individuals" he had contact with regarding suicide.

Ottawa police, at one point, according to The Toronto Star, provided Nadia's father with dozens of pages of online chats, which Nadia's family shared with the newspaper.

"If drowning doesn't get me, hopefully the hypothermia will," Nadia said to Cami only days before her death. "I'm planning to attempt this Sunday."

Fox 9, a Fox News affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul, reported in April 2010 that Melchert-Dinkel had admitted to using Google and a website about suicide methods to enter into 10 or 11 suicide pacts with people all over the world. He allegedly admitted that he had played a larger role in Nadia Kajouji's death than he had previously said, even though she had drowned herself by jumping into the Rideau River. He also said that his wife had nothing to do with his suicide pacts.

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