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Confessions of an Internet Suicide Chat Room Ghoul

Lowe Gets a Picture

Lowe said that she began suspecting that Falcon Girl was not the person that the chat room visitor claimed to be after receiving a photo from Falcon Girl. Lowe said the photo was of a female, but suspected that it was not legitimate when she noticed that the photo's filename was that of a male. Lowe told The Sunday Telegraph that she had made a lot of friends in the Internet support group frequented by Falcon Girl, and that many people in the group became suspicious "because he used lots of different names." The group members apparently were able to tell that it was the same person despite the other names because of what was being talked about, use of certain words, and the manner in which all three generally expressed themselves.

"People would offer each other support on there, but whenever he 'spoke' to people he was always a bit too over-supportive in encouraging people to go through with suicide," Lowe said. "I knew what he was doing, but I decided to string him along to gather all the evidence I could."

Lowe said that the person using different names was always very friendly and "chatty," and frequently insisted that group members speak to him using their webcam despite the fact that "there was always some reason why" his webcam did not work.

"After a while, I convinced him to use a webcam himself, and it was then that I saw him as the man he really was," Lowe said. "So I took a picture of him on my mobile phone."

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