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Australia's Dubious Dr. Jayant Patel


AAP General News (May 25, 2005). Boss gave Dr Death a glowing endorsement.

AAP General News (May 26, 2005). No checks on Dr Death, hospital manager admits.

AAP General News (May 24, 2005). Dr. Death formally linked to more than 80 deaths.

AAP General News (July 6, 2005). Delays on Patel hunt.

Associated Press (2005). A look at the career of Dr. Jayant Patel.

BBC News (June 10, 2005). Australia's 'Dr. Death.'

CBS News (May 30, 2005). Nurses at Australian Hospital hid patients from 'Dr. E. coli.'

Chandler, Jo (May 28, 2005). The scandal of 'Dr. Death.' The Age.

Chapman, Greg (May 27, 2005). Dr. Death abandons amputees. Bundaberg Region News Mail.

CNN (June 10, 2005). Australia hunts 'Doctor Death.'

Colburn, Don (June 30, 2005). Australian audit ties Patel to 8 deaths. The Oregonian.

Davies, Julie-Anne (June 2005) The abominable Dr. Patel. NineMSN, Australia.

Edmistone, Leanne and Watt, Amanda (July 8, 2005). Hospital chief serves papers on Morris. The Nation.

Foley, Meraiah (May 19, 2005). Allegations of negligence follow doctor. The Associated Press.

Foley, Meraiah (June 10, 2005). International hunt launched for Australia's "Dr. Death."

Foley, Meraiah (June 23, 005). Nurse tells of complications, bravado in 'Dr. Death' inquiry. AP Worldstream.

Foley, Meraiah (June 30, 2005). Panel links Dr. Jayant Patel to 8 Australian deaths, not 87. Associated Press/KATU 2 News, Portland.

KATU 2 News (May 20, 2005). Doctor at center of probe in Australia advanced in the U.S.

Khaleej Times (May 22, 2005). New details emerge on career of doctor at center of probe in Australia.

Medical Board of Queensland (2005). Report on Dr. Jayant Patel.

Papps, Nick (April 14, 2005). Trail leads to luxury mansion. The Courier-Mail.

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