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Ted Bundy

Sentenced to death — twice — on July 30, 1979, for the murders of Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, this handsome, educated law student was actually one of history’s most terrifying psychopathic killers, who stalked and murdered dozens of young women.

Inmate video: Happy ‘inside’

It seems that inmates and guards in prison in Sicily have, with the warden’s blessing, posted a video to show how happy they are, even in prison. The video shows them dancing and singing during daily tasks and recreation. The introductory message begins with a quote from Pharrell William’s Happpy, ”It’s the story of a dream – to try to be carefree – even behind bars.”

Man huffing gas and smoking blew up shed beard: Arson or stupidity?

A neighbor said she heard an explosion, ran outside and found a disheveled man with blistered feet sitting on her patio. His beard was completely “burned off,” though chunks of its smoldering remains still clung to his shirt. He demanded food. Now a court will have to decide if he was reckless or just incredibly stupid.

Slideshow: Home invasion

Often brutal and needlessly violent, a look at some high-profile home invasions that shocked the public and the communities in which they occurred.

Why did people steal this weird stuff?

Some of the craziest stuff people steal

Selfie-obsessed soldier betrays Russia by posting locations on Instagram

One Russian soldier’s Instagrammed selfies may be all the evidence the world needs to see to know that Russia is supporting rebels in Ukraine

Angel Maturino Resendiz, the Railroad Killer

His story is unique in that every time he committed a crime in the U.S., he would be deported to Mexico, and released to reenter the U.S., and kill again. He is suspected in as many as 30 murders, all committed near railroad tracks. The total number of his victims may never be known.

Martha Beck & Raymond Fernandez: The Lonely Hearts Killers

The Lonely Hearts Murders seductively entwined voodoo magic, kinky sex and personal ads, making it one of the most sensational cases of the 1940s. It was also the inspiration for several films. Lonely Hearts Killers Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez were convicted of three murders, but suspected in as many as 20.

Drunk woman denied parachute attacks flight crew with prosthetic leg

It was, no doubt, a sight to behold on the July 30, 2014, Thomson Airways flight from Tunisia to Edinburgh, when a woman, who was reportedly “off her face on drink,” approached a flight attendant and demanded “cigarette’s and a parachute.” The attendant’s response was predictable, but the melée that ensued was not.

Woman bitten by lion plans to sue zoo

A Michigan woman has announced plans to sue a local zoo, after she and her daughter were, for reasons that are in dispute, in the restricted area just outside the lion’s cage. When confronted with the presence of the majestic beast, the woman was drawn to pet it, and had her finger tip ripped off. She claims that the zoo failed to protect her.

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