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Drunk woman denied parachute attacks flight crew with prosthetic leg

It was, no doubt, a sight to behold on the July 30, 2014, Thomson Airways flight from Tunisia to Edinburgh, when a woman, who was reportedly “off her face on drink,” approached a flight attendant and demanded “cigarette’s and a parachute.” The attendant’s response was predictable, but the melĂ©e that ensued was not.

Woman bitten by lion plans to sue zoo

A Michigan woman has announced plans to sue a local zoo, after she and her daughter were, for reasons that are in dispute, in the restricted area just outside the lion’s cage. When confronted with the presence of the majestic beast, the woman was drawn to pet it, and had her finger tip ripped off. She claims that the zoo failed to protect her.

Slideshow: Girls interrupted

After being subjected to gang rape and other brutalities, Sarah Kruzan killed the pimp who’d controlled her since she was eleven years old. Sixteen at the time of the murder, Kruzan was sentenced to life without parole. Public outcry and a new juvenile offender law enabled her release in 2013. Read about her and other teenage girls sentenced to extremely lengthy prison sentences.

Today in crime history: adolescent serial killer Harvey Robinson apprehended

On July 31, 1993, Harvey Miguel Robinson showed up at an emergency room to be treated for a bullet wound. Hours prior, he’d been shot by a police officer staking him out. Only 18, Robinson, who killed three women, became one of the nation’s youngest convicted serial killers.

Charles Whitman, the Texas bell tower sniper

Ex-Marine Charles Joseph Whitman, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, went on a shooting spree that began around midnight on August 1, 1966, with the murders of his mother and his wife. The next day he went to campus and dispensed death to 16, leaving 31 others wounded before turning a weapon on himself.

Anthony John Hardy, the Camden Ripper

A December 29, 2000, the BBC reported that an unidentified woman found bisected at the waist in London’s Thames River bearing two distinct characteristics that police hoped would help identify her: a tattoo and a twisted lateral incisor tooth. She was soon identified as Zoe Parker, the first victim of the Camden Ripper.

Man who threw spider at cop gets two-to-five years in prison

Last year a teen called 911 about a spider. This year, a Kansas woman nearly burned down her house, and a Washington State man did burn down his, each trying to kill a pesky arachnid. Turns out that police and judges react viscerally to spiders too, as a Pennsylvania man, who threw one at an officer, learned this week.

Inmate who hid stash in butt, then mouth, later beat man for farting

Terrence Lewis, 32, may have turned himself in on various outstanding warrants, but he wasn’t going to make jail easy. On entry, he was caught with contraband in his butt, which isn’t unusual, so guards check each prisoner carefully. When caught, however, most people: A) deny, B) confess, or sometimes do both. Lewis, it seems, chose option C).

Slideshow: Pretty but deadly

Pretty girls in ugly situations.

A visit to the twisted world of alleged cannibal Matej Curko

The offer was mutually advantageous, Kanibm claimed. If you wanted to end your life, you only had to come to a place in the woods of Slovakia where he would be happy to kill you if you agreed. He would do it in such a way that you would die quickly and painlessly, since he offered to drug you first before stabbing you in the heart.

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