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The Life and Times of the Sicilian Robin Hood

The Killing of Giuliano

It appears that Giuliano wished to leave with his trusted aide Pisciotta, and arrangements were made to meet at the lawyer's house and depart for the air strip.  On July 4, a weary Giuliano was waiting for Pisciotta.  However, he had received disconcerting news from his captain friend.  Pisciotta was prepared to betray him, having met with the leaders of the "get Giuliano" task force.

When Pisciotta arrived, Giuliano confronted him.  They argued.  Somehow, Pisciotta was able to convince Giuliano that he was loyal, that the report was false.

They went to sleep.  According to Pisciotta's confession at the trial held concerning the Portella della Ginestra massacre some months later, Pisciotta shot Giuliano while he was sleeping.  He and the frightened lawyer dressed the body and dragged it out into the courtyard.  The captain of the task force appeared, arranged the body so that a machine gun lay next to Giuliano's body, and shot it several times.  Shortly thereafter, the colonel of the task force appeared, and the two officials reported that Giuliano had been killed in a gun battle by the soldiers of the special task force.

Soon, the courtyard swarmed with reporters and photographers.  A photograph was taken of the dead Giuliano, face down, right arm spread out, dressed in slacks, a white shirt, and sandals, a machine gun a foot or so from his right hand.

Salvatore Giuliano
Salvatore Giuliano