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Pirates: The Maersk Alabama


Somali pirates are vowed revenge for the three men U.S. Navy SEALs killed, as well as against the French.

Abdullahi Ahmed, a member of a pirate crew in the Somali coastal city of Harardhere, said he and his gang will kill French and American sailors aboard the boats they control.

Abdullahi Lami, who was with a captured Greek ship in Gaan, warned that Somali pirates would treat captives the way he saw Somalia being treated internationally.

Cargo ship Liberty Sun
Cargo ship Liberty Sun

Hassan Mohamud, a pirate leader in Gara'ad, said that the April 14, 2009, attack on the Liberty Sun was meant to send a warning to the U.S. following the deaths of the three pirates. He claims that 14 well-armed pirated ships are hunting French and American vessels in response to their recent aggression.

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