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Henry McCarty: The Wild West's "Billy The Kid"


Helping us to relive the rootin'-tootin' and shootin' days of Billy the Kid and the days when New Mexico was a hail of bullets as well as to help us see the Wild West in its colorful panoramic perspective are the following source materials:



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Billy the Kid (information supplied by site owner Nick McCarty)

Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang (biography on Tom O'Folliard by Don McAlavy)

Southern New Mexico! Online!

Various articles by various staff writers: Phyllis Eileen Banks ("Fort Sumner Pride of the Pecos" & "Lincoln Billy the Kid Postal Station"); Carla DeMarco ("Silver City Based on Permanence"); James W. Hurst ("The Death of Pat Garrett"); Bill Kelly "The Lincoln County War" & "Bob Ollinger New Mexico's Killer Deputy"); and Joann Mazzio ("On the Trail of Billy the Kid"),