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Sensational Heists


ABC News (January 11, 2005). Man gets prison time for identity theft.

American Embassy in Athens, Greece (February 2001). Press release: Stolen Corinth artifacts return to Greek authorities. Public Affaires Section.

Axarlis, Nikos (February 12, 2001). Corinth antiques returned. The Archaeological Institute of America.

BBC News (February 19, 2003). Diamond heist baffles police.

BBC News (February 20, 2003). Antwerp counts cost of gem heist.

BBC News (February 25, 2003). Four held over diamond heist.

BBC News (February 27, 2003). Heist geniuses got $100m gems.

BBC News (January 25, 2005). Rich pickings for hi-tech thieves.

BBC News (January 7, 2005). Police say IRA behind bank raid.

BBC News (February 1, 2005). Almost a quarter of a million US consumers complained of being targeted for identity theft in 2004, official figures suggest.

BBC News (February 20, 2005). Robbers trying to deflect blame.

BBC News (March 17, 2005). Latest coup for hi-tech crime unit.

BBC News (March 17, 2005). UK police foil massive bank theft.

Casert, Raf (March 4, 2003). Gem heist continues to baffle police in Beligium. Associated Press.

CBS News (December 21, 2004). Gang hits N. Ireland Bank for $42M.

CNN News (February 18, 2003) Belgiums biggest diamond heist.

CNN News (March 17, 2005). Police foil $423, cyber robbery.

Démilio, Frances (December 4, 2003). Antiquities spark a global tug of war. The Associated Press.

Department of Justice (January 28, 2003). U.S. announces a new arrest, a guilty plea and an indictment in the biggest I.D. theft case in nations history. United States Attorney Southern District of New York. Marvin Smilon, Herbert Hadad and Michael Kulstad of the U.S. Attorneys Office. (February 28, 2005). Police suspect diamond robbers had inside help. (March 2, 2005). KLM errors led to diamond heist. (March 18, 2005). Police missed vital clues before diamond heist. (March 22, 2005). Diamond heist tips after crimestoppers show.

Farrell, Greg (November 26, 2002). Ring of identity thieves busted. USA Today.

FBI art theft program. Recovery of Greek and Roman antiques.

FBI (October 18, 2004). No ordinary case of identity theft: The largest in U.S. History.

Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Stolen antiques from Corinth returned to Greece. To be found at:

Keizer, Gregg (March 17, 2005). Keyloggers foiled in attempted $423 million bank heist. TechWeb News.

MSNBC.News (January 11, 2005). Man sentenced to 14 years for ID theft.

MSNBC News (September 14, 2004). Man pleads guilty to huge ID theft case.

San Miguel, Renay (January 29, 2003). Tackling identity theft. CNN News.

Summers, Chris (February 14, 2004). Hopes of finding diamond haul fades. BBC News.

The Federal Trade Commission (February 2005). National and state trends in fraud and identity theft; for January-December 2004. Consumer Sentinel and Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse.

The Observer (March 6, 2005). The price of peace.



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