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Sensational Art Heists


BBC News (August 23, 2004). Norway searched for stolen Scream.

BBC News (August 23, 2004). Greatest heist in art history.

BBC News (August 23, 2004). Gallery defends Scream security.

BBC News (March 4,2004). Car appeal over da Vinci theft.

BBC News (August 28, 2003). Reward for paintings return.

BBC News (April 28, 2003). Three paintings stolen from a Manchester art gallery should be back on the gallerys walls within a fortnight, despite being damaged.

BBC News (July 28, 2001). Stockholm art thieves jailed.

BBC News (April 6, 2001). Stolen Renoir recovered.

BBC News (December 23, 2000). Hunt for Stockholm art thieves.

Burrell, Ian (April 29, 2003). Art thieves ditch works they stole to expose security gap. The Independent.

Burrell, Ian (April 29, 2003). Ditched at a lavatory: the art stolen in protest at lax security. The Independent.

Butler, Ed (July 8, 2004). It was called the greatest art heist of our time. The Independent.

CNN News (January 8, 2001). More charged over Sweden art heist.

CNN News (March 7, 2001). Swedish robbery suspect arrested.

CNN News (December 22, 2000). Rembrandt, Renoir paintings stolen in museum heist. (January 24, 2005). The Netherlands a depot for stolen artwork.

FBI Art Theft Program. The robbery of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Geerling, Jan. Art thieves left evidence behind. Posted on The Vincent Van Gogh Museum website.

Mashberg, Tom (March 19, 2000). Historic tale of infamous Hub heist. The Boston Herald.

Milmo, Cahal (April 28, 2003. Paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh and Gauguin stolen in pounds 1m raid on gallery. The Independent. Theft of the Mona Lisa. Treasures of the World.

Steinhaus, Rochelle. Artful Robbers:The Isabella Gardner Museum heist. Court TV.

The Art Loss Register. Statistics.

USA Today (August 23, 2004). Munch art theft stirs debate on museum security. Mona Lisa.


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