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The Hollywood Bling Ring

21st Century Caper

Beatrice Girmala
Beatrice Girmala
The gang's alleged methodology befitted the age in which they lived. Using their Internet savvy and pairing it with their celebrity obsession, they followed TMZ and other blogs for tips on when their alleged targets would be out partying, and would look at their extensive database of mansions, which they'd compiled from trolling the web, including a site called One computer, according to TMZ, had at least 51 aerial photos of multimillion dollar homes. If there was ever a case for celebrities not Tweeting their location from moment to moment, the Burglar Bunch's modus operandi would seem to cinch it.

It was only fitting, then, when the police used technology to turn the table on the alleged burglary team. Savvy investigators perused Facebook and Myspace to determine that the suspects were friends. This was a truly 21st century caper from start to finish.

Los Angeles police captain Beatrice Girmala told the Associated Press, "Diligence and exhaustive follow-up by LAPD detectives led to the linkage of 10 cases, and these 10 cases led us to a ring of suspects who utilized technology and various Internet resources to track the calendars of high-profile celebrities."

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