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The Dougherty Gang

Charges and Trial

The three were taken to the Pueblo County jail—where they were held on $1.25 million bond each.

It didn't take long for the siblings to start talking. During an interview with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, it was reported in the affidavit that Lee Grace had revealed to the police that she had known that the plainclothes officer was law enforcement and had disobeyed his order to halt anyway. And, she admitted, "I pointed the gun at the cop. I deserved to get shot." She said of being shot in the leg, "the pain was all through my body."

Suspects from left to right: Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace dougherty and Dylan Edward Dougherty
Suspects from left to right: Ryan Dougherty, Lee Grace dougherty
and Dylan Edward Dougherty

While the siblings waited in jail, authorities wrestled with how to charge them. In the end, they were hit with a total of 76 charges in Huerfano County. Colo. It was decided that the vast majority of their alleged crimes had taken place in that country rather than Pueblo county. Among the most serious charges: five counts each for criminal attempt to commit murder, and 13 counts of crime of violence each.

Their first hearing was set for September 20 in Huerfano County. Charges for the bank robbery have not yet been brought, but police—who had spent a few hair-raising minutes chasing after them and being shot at, felt pride and relief.

On the day of their capture, the police held another joint press conference.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to say we won," Pasco County, Fla., Sheriff Chris Nocco said. "We continuously said that if these three fugitives wanted a battle with law enforcement, we would win that battle. And that's what happened today."


On April 30, 2012, Lee Grace Dougherty and her brothers were sentenced in a Colorado courtroom. Lee Grace to 24 years, Ryan to 18 and Dylan Stanley-Dougherty to the maximum 32 years allowed by the plea agreement.

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