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The Dougherty Gang



The siblings had been spotted at the campground at around nine in the morning, but by the time the police reached the campground, they had already hightailed it and were at a gas station off I-25 in Colorado.

It ended the way it began. Again, a Colorado State Trooper attempted to pull over the car in a routine traffic stop, but this time there were no surprises. It seemed like the trio was going down in a blaze of glory.

Final crash
Final crash

Again the police were led on a high-speed pursuit, and again, they were shot at from the suspects' vehicle, allegedly using a MAC-11 handgun and an AK-47.

But this time, the suspects didn't escape. One of the off-duty troopers who was working nearby at a construction site had the foresight to put up stop sticks further down the freeway; the sticks did their job. The Dougherty Gang's joyride came to an abrupt end, as the Subaru flipped over and dangled off the guardrail. After the crash, the siblings attempted a standoff, then tried to flee on foot. Lee, grabbing a pistol, tried to run over the guardrail.

A plainclothes police officer who had arrived on the scene in a marked car, chased after her, yelling for her to stop and drop her weapon. Instead, according to the Affidavit in Support for Warrantless Arrest of the trio, Lee stopped and tried to engage her weapon, pointing the gun straight at him. The officer shot her in the leg. She fell to the ground and was captured.

Dylan was captured and arrested right away. The youngest brother Ryan fled on foot and almost escaped.

A witness called 911 as they saw Ryan running toward a local restaurant; at the same time the construction worker, Shane Zubinsky, spotted Ryan and ran after him. With the help of two others, they tackled him to the ground and held him until police arrived.

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