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John Dillinger

World's Greatest Jinx

Instead of being the greatest bank robber of all time, perhaps John Dillinger was the greatest jinx of all time. Compiled from Dillinger: The Untold Story is a listing of the dead, wounded and imprisoned:

Law enforcement officers and non-gang members killed:

10-12-33 Sheriff Jesse Sarber in Lima, Ohio, killed by Pierpont

12-14-33 Chicago Police Sergeant William T. Shanley, killed by John Hamilton

12-20-33  Indiana State Trooper Eugene Teague, accidentally killed in Paris, Illinois during the apprehension of Edward Shouse

12-21-33 Louis, Katzewitz, Charles Tattlebaum and Sam Ginsburg, three Jewish criminals mistaken for the Dillinger Gang and killed by Chicago police

01-15-34 East Chicago Police Officer William Patrick OMalley, killed by Dillinger

03-16-34 Undersheriff Charles Cavanaugh, killed in Port Huron, Michigan by Herbert Youngblood

04-22-34 Eugene Boiseneau, a CCC worker killed by FBI at Little Bohemia

04-22-34 Federal Agent W. Carter Baum, killed by Baby Face Nelson at Little Bohemia

05-24-34 East Chicago Detectives Martin OBrien and Lloyd Mulvihill, allegedly murdered by Van Meter

06-30-34 South Bend Police Officer Howard Wagner, killed by Van Meter

11-27-34 FBI Agents Samuel P. Cowley and Herman E. Hollis in Barrington, Illinois, killed by Baby Face Nelson

Law enforcement officers and non-gang members wounded:

09-26-33 Finley Carson, Michigan City prison clerk shot by John Burns, during breakout

09-30-33 Herbert McDonald, a member of the posse hurting the escaped convicts from Michigan City, wounded during the killing of Joseph Jenkins

11-20-33 Sergeant Wilbur Hansen and cashier H. J. Graham of the American Bank & Trust in Racine, Wisconsin, wounded during bank robbery

03-06-34 Police Officer Hale Keith of Sioux Falls, wounded during bank robbery

03-13-34 R. H. James of Mason City, Iowa, wounded during bank robbery

03-16-34 Sheriff William Van Antwerp, Deputy Howard Lohr and a citizen named Fields, in Port Huron, Michigan, wounded by Herbert Youngblood

04-22-34 John Morris and John Hoffman, wounded by FBI at Little Bohemia

04-22-34 FBI Agent J. C. Newman and Constable Carl Christensen, at Little Bohemia, wounded by Baby Face Nelson

06-30-34 Perry G. Stahley and Delos M. Coen, bank officials, and Jacob Solomon and Samuel Toth, citizens of South Bend, wounded during robbery

07-22-34 Theresa Paulus and Etta Natalsky, wounded by FBI outside Biograph Theatre

Dillinger/Pierpont Gang members killed:

09-30-33 Joseph Jenkins killed by posse hunting escaped convicts from Michigan City prison break

03-16-34 Herbert Youngblood, killed by police at Port Huron, Michigan

04-11-34 Eddie Green, died after being shot by FBI agents in St. Paul on April 3

04-27-34 John Hamilton, died after being shot by St. Paul Park police on April 23

06-07-34 Tommy Carroll, killed by police in Waterloo, Iowa

07-22-34 John Dillinger, killed by FBI and East Chicago police

07-26-34 James J. Probasco, killed after fall from FBI headquarters in Bankers Building

08-23-34 Homer Van Meter, killed by police in St. Paul

09-22-34 Charles Makley, killed by prison guards while trying to escape Ohio State Penitentiary

10-17-34 Harry Pierpont, electrocuted at the Ohio State Penitentiary

11-27-34 Baby Face Nelson died from wounds by FBI agents in Barrington, Illinois

Dillinger/Pierpont Gang members and associates imprisoned:

09-29-33 James Clark, escapee from Michigan City recaptured

11-19-33 Harry Copeland, arrested in Chicago

12-20-33 Edward Shouse, arrested in Paris, Illinois

12-24-33 Hilton Crouch, a wheelman during an early Dillinger robbery, arrested in Chicago

01-06-34 Walter Dietrich, escapee from Michigan City, arrested in Bellwood, Ill.

03-24-34 Russell Clark, captured in Tucson, sentenced to life imprisonment

05-05-34 Beth Green, wife of Eddie Green, sentenced to 15 months for harboring

05-23-34 Evelyn Frechette, sentenced to two years for harboring

05-23-34 Dr. Clayton May, sentenced to two years for harboring

06-09-34 Jean Delaney, sentenced to a year for parole violation

07-07-34 Patricia Cherrington and Opal Long, sentenced to two years for harboring

12-07-34 John Burns, escapee from Michigan City, arrested in Chicago

12-22-34 Marie Comforti, sentenced to a year for harboring

06-04-35  Joseph Fox, escapee from Michigan City, captured in Chicago

09-21-35 Arthur OLeary, after eight months in custody, was placed on a years probation for harboring after agreeing to testify against Piquette

09-21-35 Dr. Harold Cassidy, after eight months in custody, placed on a years probation

09-21-35 Dr. Wilhelm Loeser, returned to Leavenworth for a parole violation

05-09-36  Louis Piquette, sentenced to two years in Leavenworth