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Eddie Cudahy and Pat Crowe



  • A Really Spectacular and Truly Named Desperado: Pat Crowe and the Cudahy Kidnapping Case, by Garneth Oldenkamp Peterson, Nebraska History magazine, Fall 1976
  • The Cudahy Kidnapping Case, by Harry Dice, University of Omaha dissertation, May 1964


  • Pat Crowe: His Story, Confession and Reformation, Pat Crowe, C.W. Dillingham Co., 1906.
  • Spreading Evil: The Autobiography of Pat Crowe, Pat Crowe and Thomas Regan, Branwell Co., 1927
  • Come Into My Parlor, Charles Washburn, Knickerbocker Publishing Co., 1934

Newspaper Articles

  • Snatching of Eddie Cudahy Stirred Omaha, Brought a Nation-Wide Manhunt, Omaha World-Herald, Sept. 29, 1935
  • Crowe Confesses in East; Famous Outlaw Goes to New York, Where He Breaks Into Print, Omaha Bee, Aug. 24, 1906
  • Golden Ransom Brings the Kidnapped Boy Back Home, Omaha Bee, Dec. 21, 1900


Douglas County, Neb., Historical Society

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