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I was born in the last years of The Great Depression and remember those hard times, which flowed into the Second World War. I remember the numbers runner coming to the door, taking the small change and recording the numbers in his policy book. I also remember the stories my parents and grandparents told of those exciting and trying times.

To this day, I respect and admire their perseverance and abilities to survive them. 

It has been more than 73 years since the end of the Roaring Twenties and more than 60 since The Great Depression. But the stories of those times remain with those who experienced them and are still here. These stories are now ingrained in the annals of our great nations history and culture. The numbers games are still around, but with new players. And Harlem is still Harlem. Over 370,000 people now reside within its boundaries and a former President of the United States has his offices there. Black businesses, clubs and institutions flourish within Harlem, with the game...and The Mob.


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