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The Providence Mob


Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Providence Journal

Barboza Jr., Joseph with Hank Messick Barboza 1975 Dell Publishing Co.

Lehr, Dick and Gerard O'Neill The Underboss: The Rise and Fall of a Mafia Family 1989 St. Martin's Press

Lehr, Dick and Gerard O'Neill Black Mass 2000 Public Affairs

Ranalli, Ralph Deadly Alliance 2001 HarperTorch

Teresa, Vincent with Thomas C. Renner My Life in the Mafia 1973 Doubleday and Company, Inc.

Teresa, Vincent with Thomas C. Renner Vinnie Teresa's Mafia 1975 Doubleday and Company, Inc.

The following individuals contributed to this article:

Louis T. Hammer, contributor

W. Zachary Malinowski, Providence Journal reporter with his six-part series on Bobby Buehne

Charles R. Molino, organized crime historian

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