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Adam Worth: The World in his Pocket


The Adam Worth story is a tale of intrigue and adventure that takes one through the effervescent years of rogues and roguettes, chases them through the streets of post-Civil War America to the roulette tables of Paris, thence to the whist parlors of London, thence to all points on the Continent where seedy characters abounded. It's a story of a man who saw value in crime and refinery in illegalities; and it's a story of gaslight manipulations, masterpieces of art, men and women with and without consciences, and of a world that, to us, the modern reader, might seem like fiction - but was all so very real.

In writing Adam Worth: The World in His Pockets, I referred to an excellent biography of the man Adam Worth as well as a number of other texts that helped me to perpetrate the feeling of an era gone by.

* * * * *

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