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The Times-Picayune -- New Orleans, Louisiana

"New cop takes charge in N.O." by Frank Donze. October 14, 1994

"N.O. woman is fatally shot" obituary of Kim Marie Groves. October 15, 1994

"N.O. police woes on '60 Minutes' by Mark Lorando. October 30, 1994

"Morial lashes back at CBS' by Walt Philbin. November 1, 1994

"Wallace takes on the police force" commentary by James Gill. November 2, 1994

"Cop, 2 others charged in death" by Michael Perlstein and Walt Philbin. December 6, 1994

"Officer had history of complaints" by Michael Perlstein. December 7, 1994

"Crooked N.O. policemen protect and kill" commentary by James Gill. December 9, 1994

"District known for bad cops" by James Varney. December 9, 1994

"Entire force takes rap for bad cops" by Walt Philbin. December 9, 1994

"Crooked cops killing public trust" editorial. December 11, 1994

"'60 Minutes' revisits cops" by Wayne Knabb. December 12, 1994

   "Drugs and death discussed on tapes" by Michael Perlstein. December 13, 1994

"Five cops denied bond; others need $100,000" by Walt Philbin. December 14, 1994

"Trust in police vanishes as horror stories unfold" by James Varney. December 14, 1994

"Morial should make NOPD changes" commentary by Iris Kelso. December 15, 1994

"Fired officer back as recruit" by Michael Perlstein. December 15, 1994

"Could murder have been avoided?" commentary by James Gill. December 23, 1994

"6 new recruits fired by new chief" by Michael Perlstein. January 6, 1995

"U.S. might seek death penalty for cop" by James Varney. January 11, 1995

"NOPD work in bars is out, new anti-corruption unit in" by Alfred Charles. January 13, 1995

"Pennington's reform package can't hurt" commentary by Christopher Cooper. January 13, 1995

"A bloody year" by Michael Perlstein. January 15, 1995

"Sweeping change ahead for police" commentary by Iris Kelso. January 15, 1995

"N.O. cops take aim at chief's new plan" by Michael Perlstein. January 17, 1995

"FBI agents assigned to probe N.O. cops" by Michael Perlstein. January 24, 1995

"Ex-cop added to FBI drug-sting list" by Bill Voelker. February 23, 1995

"NOPD officer charged in slaying of cop, 2 others" by Michael Perlstein and Calvin Baker. March 5, 1996

"Police: Cop meant to kill" by Walt Philbin and Lynne Jensen. March 6, 1995

"Cops: Killers linked to drugs" by Mark Schleifstein. March 6, 1995

"Family, comrades mourn cop's loss" by James Varney. March 7, 1995

"NOPD didn't see red flags, records say" by Christopher Cooper and Walt Philbin. March 7, 1995

"Arrest raised eyebrows" by Michael Perlstein. March 7, 1995

"Soaring crime becomes full-time crisis for mayor" by Christopher Cooper. March 10, 1995

"Frank didn't confess to killings, lawyer says" by Alfred Charles. March 10, 1995

"Indictment" Officer wanted to kill again" by Bill Voelker. March 25, 1995

"'60 Minutes' story reiterates list of N.O. police scandals" (no byline). June 5, 1995

"U.S. seeking death for cop" by Michael Perlstein. June 17, 1995

"Department cleaning up act, Pennington tells commission" by James Varney. June 30, 1995

"Teen suspect accused ex-cop in triple murder" by James Varney. July 19, 1995

"Saacks dismissal upheld by panel" by Christopher Cooper and Walt Philbin. July 20, 1995

"Lacaze guilty in triple murder" by James Varney. July 21, 1995

"N.O. police officer accused of extortion" by Michael Perlstein. July 26, 1995

"Cop's trial in killing may focus on 2 men" by Michael Perlstein. August 3, 1995

"Gallagher of the FBI" editorial. August 29, 1995

"Slaying excluded at cops' drug trial" by Bill Voelker. September 21, 1995

"Officer called a partner in crime" by Michael Perlstein. October 13, 1995

"Suit cites cop's record of abusing civilians" by Walt Philbin. October 21, 1995

"FBI joins police probe of 9th Ward drive-by" by Michael Perlstein. October 26, 1995

"Ex-cop gets new attorney in murder trial" by James Varney. December 14, 1995

"Death penalty foe presides over ex-cop's murder trial" by Michael Perlstein. April 8, 1996

"Ex-cop faces federal trial" by Michael Perlstein. April 8, 1996

"2 owners of gun shop guilty of federal charges" by Bill Voelker. April 9, 1996

"Caution slows jury pick in ex-cop's trial in killing" by Michael Perlstein. April 9, 1996

"Attorneys still trying to compile Davis jury" (no byline). April 10, 1996

"Picking ex-cop's jury crawls" by Michael Perlstein. April 11, 1996

"Prosecutors: Rogue cop ordered complainer killed" by Michael Perlstein. April 16, 1996

"Matriarch's serenity keeps family calm during ordeal" by Michael Perlstein. April 16, 1996

"Witness: I drove getaway car after hit" by Michael Perlstein. April 17, 1996

"Laughing cop is taped after woman's murder" by Michael Perlstein. April 18, 1996

"Officer boasted of hit, pal says" by Walt Philbin. April 19, 1996

"Police story: one woman's murder" commentary by James Gill. April 19, 1996

"Wrong man, former cop's defense claims" by Michael Perlstein. April 20, 1996

"Girlfriend testifies to bolster alibi" by Michael Perlstein. April 21, 1996

"Jury gets Davis case after hearing tapes" by Michael Perlstein. April 23, 1996

"Davis jury yet to reach verdict" by Michael Perlstein. April 24, 1996

"GUILTY" by Michael Perlstein. April 25, 1996

"Davis jury lets U.S. seek death penalty" by Alfred Charles. April 26, 1996

"Jurors sentence Davis to death" by James Varney. April 27, 1996

"Murder trial shows us a violent netherworld here" commentary by James Gill. April 28, 1996

"Get to work on police pay" editorial. April 28, 1996

"Killer is portrayed as caring family man" by Michael Perlstein. April 30, 1996

"Fate of hit man in hands of jury" by Michael Perlstein. May 1, 1996

"PANO treasurer accused of thefts" by Walt Philbin. May 1, 1996

"Jury hands Hardy death" by Michael Perlstein. May 2, 1996

"N.O. still killing capital despite drop in homicides" by Petula Dvorak. May 6, 1996

"FBI bags 14 in drug sting" by Walt Philbin. May 3, 1996

"For NOPD, long climb from bottom" commentary by James Gill. May 29, 1996

"Ex-cops likely to plead guilty" by Michael Perlstein. June 28, 1996

"Five officers guilty in coke case" by Michael Perlstein. June 29, 1996

"Former N.O. officer guilty in FBI sting" by Susan Finch. July 11, 1996

"Saacks could face fraud indictment" by Michael Perlstein. July 18, 1996

"Gun dealers get 33months" (no byline). August 29, 1996

"Officer guilty in coke sting" by Michael Perlstein. August 30, 1996

"Ex-PANO treasurer sentenced" by Bill Voelker. September 5, 1996

"Federal cocaine trial begins" by Michael Perlstein. September 10, 1996

"Tapes of cops heart of case" by Michael Perlstein. September 11, 1996

"One voice is defense in officer's drug case" by Michael Perlstein. September 12, 1996

"Defense rests in cop drug trial" by Michael Perlstein. September 12, 1996

"Davis guilty of drug running" by Michael Perlstein. September 13, 1996

"N.O. nightclub owner Frank J. Caracci dies" obituary. September 27, 1996

"Former police get jail in sting" by Bill Voelker. October 10, 1996

"Strong sentences send message" editorial. October 14, 1996

"Saacks headed for trial on fraud" by Bill Voelker. October 22, 1996

"Saacks found guilty of fraud" by Walt Philbin and Bill Voelker. November 3, 1996

"Killer officer delivers diatribe" by Michael Perlstein. November 7, 1996

"Accomplice gets life in cop's murder plot" by Bill Voelker. November 28, 1996

"Police pay plan rewarding veterans gets a green light" by Bruce Nolan. December 31, 1996

"TOP COP: The man behind the badge" by Elizabeth Mullener. March 16, 1997

"N.O. police progress touted on Court TV" by Dennis Persica. July 9, 1997

"Former N.O. cop denied bail in federal drug case" by Bill Voelker. August 15, 1997

"Ex-cop sentenced for drug ring" by Michael Perlstein. August 27, 1998

"Incentives for the chief" editorial. September 3, 1998

"Ex-cop's sentence overturned" by Pamela Coyle and Michael Perlstein. August 17, 1999

"U.S. attorney selection process is heating up" by Stephanie Grace. February 7, 2001

"'Public interest lawyer' named in ex-cop's case" by Michael Perlstein. September 5, 2001

"Cop who ordered killing won't get death" by Susan Finch. December 14, 2002

Gambit -- New Orleans, Louisiana

"Our Worst Nightmare" editorial. December 13, 1994

"The First Casualty" editorial. January 24, 1995

"Scuttlebutt" column (various short items on the status of N.O.P.D.) February 21, 1995

"Up to His Ass in Alligators" commentary by Clancy DuBos. March 14, 1995

"Unthinkable Horror" editorial. March 14, 1995

"Saacks Sounds Off" by Allen Johnson Jr. March 21, 1995

"Dead Men Do Tell Tales" by Allen Johnson Jr. October 17, 1995

"The Chief of New Jack City" by Allen Johnson Jr. April 30, 1996

"The Long and Winding Road" commentary by Clancy DuBos. July 9, 1996

"All the Chief's Men" by Allen Johnson Jr. August 20, 1996

"The Thinning Blue Line" by Allen Johnson Jr. September 24, 1996

"Mayor to PANO: Get Used to It'" by Allen Johnson Jr. September 24, 1996

Louisiana Weekly -- New Orleans, Louisiana

"Cop Cocaine Ring Busted" by Lori N. Wilderson. December 17, 1994

"Rogue Cop Convicted of Protecting Drug Warehouse" by Edmund W. Lewis. September 16-22, 1996

Data News Weekly -- New Orleans, Louisiana

"Outgoing Police Chief Looks Back on Long List of Accomplishments" by Dean M. Shapiro. May 11, 2002

New York Times -- New York, NY

"New Orleans is Hopeful About Police Overhaul" by Rick Bragg. January 29, 1995


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Other Sources

Author's notes from trial of Len Davis, Paul Hardy and Damon Causey: April 8-24, 1996

Duplicate audio cassette tapes furnished by the U.S. Attorney's office for the following dates and times:

9/30/94  7:51 p.m.

9/30/94  7:59 p.m.

9/30/94  8:07-8:08 p.m.

10/13/94  5:09 p.m.

10/13/94  6:14 p.m.

10/13/94  6:24-6:31 p.m.

10/13/94  7:28 p.m.

10/13/94  9:46-9:49 p.m.

10/13/94  10:01 p.m.

10/13/94  10:43 p.m.

10/13/94  11:10 p.m.

10/13/94  11:11 p.m.

10/13/94  11:13 p.m.

10/13/94  11:20 p.m.

10/13/94  11:20-11:25 p.m.

10/13/94  11:22 p.m.

10/14/94  12:20 a.m.

10/14/94  12:53 a.m.

10/14/94  1:19 a.m.

10/14/94  1:51 p.m.

10/14/94  3:14 p.m.

10/17/94  8:58 p.m.

10/20/94  10:08 p.m.

10/20/94  10:26 p.m.

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