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Jean Lafitte: Gentleman Pirate Of New Orleans


Jean Lafitte.

New Orleans.

The Battle of New Orleans.

The study of these three elements overlap, interweave and fuse as one historical continuum. One cannot successfully tell their singular story without the inlayed presence of the other two. Jean Lafitte was a cornerstone of early New Orleans as surely as the personality that was early New Orleans was a genetic to Jean Lafitte. And what happened on the battlefield of Chalmette, where New Orleans was saved, was the binding element that brings both man and place together in historical time and balances the value of both in American history.

A biography of Jean Lafitte, therefore, expressively demands as "vital statistics:" a comparative study of the city he helped create and the battle he helped win.

To help me demonstrate the trinity of these elements I am thankful for the following sources.


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