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Suburban Sex Slaves: Six Shocking Cases

Jeremy Noyes

For Jeremy Noyes, it wasn't enough to have a single sex slave. He had one in Alex, who was willing from her New Zealand home to be with him, but Noyes, a medical student at the Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, had bigger, more horrible dreams and aspirations. He wanted to create a new society of his own, a sex farm, populated with women and little girls, some of whom, he fantasized, would be his own daughters. He would start with Alex's daughter, Abby, four, when she was "ready," and then the newborn, who, in his opinion, would be ready in a few years.

Thankfully, Noyes' twisted dream never got a chance to materialize, because of an ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Fleming, who became increasingly disturbed by these plans when he shared them with her.

Jeremy Noyes' Yahoo! picture
Jeremy Noyes' Yahoo! picture

At first Fleming and Noyes' relationship seemed like your average S&M relationship: a little bondage, a few spankings, submissive and dominant pillow talk. Par for the course on the message board where they would often post and meet others in the BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism) community called They began dating in January 2008 and she played the role of the submissive to Noyes' dominator.

But Fleming became alarmed when she heard of his child sex farm plans and saw pictures of his New Zealand virtual girlfriend bleeding and scarred from her former boyfriend's beatings, beatings that she had requested. Alex expressed hopes that Noyes would beat her as well. It was when Fleming learned that Alex's young daughter had been roped in on the sexual dominance play, that she blew the whistle on Noyes. Photos of Abby showed that she had also been beaten and had welts on her body. Abby had received them at the hands of Alex's boyfriend when the toddler refused to perform oral sex on him. Noyes was elated and told Fleming he couldn't wait for Alex and Abby to join him, that he too would prepare the child for dominance. When Fleming asked how Noyes would hide her injuries, he told her he would cut the scars off with a razor.

Fleming's concerns only deepened when she learned from Noyes that Abby was being prepared for penetration, "via anal and vaginal dilation, bondage, and having Abby watch pornography while Alex masturbated the child." The mother claimed that her child's favorite "toy" was a vibrator.

Jeremy Noyes' Myspace photo
Jeremy Noyes' Myspace photo

By the time Noyes informed Fleming of his plans for the sex farm, which had now expanded to include Melissa, a bisexual "wet nurse," and his plans to impregnate Abby as soon as she was ready, as young as 8 years old, Fleming tipped off the F.B.I. using the name Sally Ann Slokum. She initially used a pseudonym because she feared for her life — Noyes had threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about his plan.

Authorities declined to comment on whether the child Abby actually exists, or is in danger, or if her mother faces any charges. The pornography in Noyes' possession reportedly did not contain images of the Alex or Abby.

Noyes was arrested in August 2008 for possession of pornographic images depicting the sexual torture of children. F.B.I. agents found scads of child pornography in his Gmail account, much of it sent to him from the woman in New Zealand. During the trial, he represented himself. He repeatedly lied on the stand, perjuring himself. Noyes was convicted and sentenced to 45 years in prison, a heavier sentence than most for child pornography, but instead based on his stated intentions of enslaving and sexually abusing as many children as possible. He was 33-years old at the time, effectively making the sentence one of life in prison.

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