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Crimes Below the Belt II: Beheaded


Map with locator for Kilgoris, Kenya
Map with locator for Kilgoris, Kenya

In September 2003, two angered wives in the Kenyan town of Kilgoris decided to lash out at their polygamous 30-year-old husband in a venomous way for spending the night with another female companion. The two vengeful wives stormed the guest house where the adulterous couple were spending the night and "attacked the female companion first with knives, chopping off one of her ears, before turning on their cornered husband," BBC News reported. They then chopped off their husband's penis and threw it away before fleeing into the night.

The husband was treated at a local hospital, although it is unclear whether his penis was successfully reattached. The day following the incident, a peaceful demonstration was held in the streets of the town demanding that the women be brought to justice, while police searched for the offenders. The women had allegedly gone into hiding because they feared prosecution for the charges against them.

The women were ultimately caught and convicted. One of the wives was quoted by the BBC as saying, that "without his manhood at least he will invest all his money on our three children's education and upkeep instead of moving around with other woman," hoping that the incident would "serve as an example to other unfaithful men in town." The husband was one of a growing number of other Kenyan men who have suffered the same fate; the cases may make married men worldwide think twice before undertaking extramarital affairs, possibly concluding that infidelity, in these cases, carries too stiff a penalty.

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