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Anjelica Huston
Anjelica Huston

Midway through Polanski's debauch, Jack Nicholson's then-girlfriend Anjelica Huston arrived at the house. When Polanski had couldn't reach Nicholson, he had called Huston, so she knew he was there. She wasn't fond of Polanski. She found him to be "a freak." She came home and heard noises but couldn't locate him. She finally knocked on the door of the room in which Polanski was consummating his assault on Samantha. He came over and told her "We'll be a few minutes."

While she was reportedly irritated that Polanski had presumed to use her boyfriend's house for a sexual conquest, she failed to note anything dangerously amiss, later only describing Samantha somewhat unsympathetically as "sullen."

Afterwards, Samantha cleaned up and got in his car. She cried for a few minutes while she waited for him to return and took her home. In the car he turned to her and said, "Don't tell your mother about this and don't tell your boyfriend, either. This is our secret."

He continued with an attempt at flattery: "You know, when I first met you I promised myself I wouldn't do anything like this with you."

During the half-hour drive back to the Valley, he told her he would take her and her family out to see Rocky the following week. "My motives weren't particularly altruistic," he later said. "It was one way to be sure I'd see her again."

When they arrived at the house, he escorted Samantha inside, and smoked a joint with the mother and her boyfriend. He showed them the photos from the first session.

As with the rape, there were two differing accounts. The girl's mother recalled that upon seeing the topless photos, "jaws dropped."

Sera had called Polanski later that night and told him that the family didn't like the pictures at all. But Polanski was surprised: he recalled that they liked the pictures.

The director had gone back to his hotel and had dinner. He later met with Robert De Niro to discuss the possibility of working together.

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