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Cannibalism and the Strange Case of Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Pathological Cannibalism

Nathaniel Bar-Johan
Nathaniel Bar-Johan

Criminals who murder and eat their victims for the sheer pleasure of it are classified as pathological cannibals. Frequently such crimes are sexually related and motivated, often committed by offenders who have been convicted of previous sex crimes. Such cannibals often have an extensive history of pedophilia and other sex-related offenses, and as such their victims are often innocent, helpless children. Almost as frequently, cannibal murders are committed without the typical motives associated with murder and are committed for the mere satiation of their craving for the taste of human flesh. Contempt similar to that shown by the Dayak cannibals for their victims is often present.

One noted such episode was the Montana case of the alleged cannibal and convicted sex offender Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. Nathaniel Bar-Johan, born David Paul Brown, was a repeat sex-offender and pedophile who moved from his native state of Massachusetts to Montana where his alleged activities would ultimately classify him a pathological cannibal. The Bar-Jonah case is not a pleasant story, and is one that will likely not be easily forgotten.

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