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Joyce McKinney and the Manacled Mormon

Anderson's Escape

Anderson in 1999
Anderson in 1999

The trio returned to London. Joyce McKinney and Kirk Anderson went to the Hard Rock Cafe for hamburgers. They were alone and she was unarmed. They were in densely populated central London — she says there were cops all over, and that Anderson could have sought help if he'd been kidnapped. He even went off on his own to buy a newspaper. And that's when he read the report of his own kidnapping.

He thought he'd better get in touch with the church and let them know he was safe — but he was terrified that they'd ask him about sex. McKinney insisted they both called their parents to let them know they were getting married, and then she let Anderson contact his fellow missionaries. The call to the Mormons didn't go well; Anderson went back to the tabernacle after all, supposedly to show them that he was alright.

He got on the train toward Ewell and never went back to Joyce McKinney.

Instead, Kirk Anderson, 6'4", told police that the petite McKinney had used fur handcuffs to confine him to a bed and raped him three times, once chained and twice while free.

The British tabloids that first reported the incident said that Anderson had been forced to bend to the whims of what they first described as an unnamed "wealthy woman." The director of the Southern Region of the Mormon Church in Britain, Richard Eyre, let McKinney's name slip to reporters.


Those reporters would never forget Joyce McKinney.

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