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The Backyard Prisoner: The Story of Jaycee Dugard

Reunion — and Recriminations

Jaycee Dugard
Jaycee Dugard

After 18 years, Terry Probyn was reunited with her daughter Jaycee, and she met her grandchildren. As the case proceeded, Jaycee and the children took refuge from the media in a Bay Area hotel, and tried to get used to their new freedom.

Jaycee's stepfather reported that she had expressed guilt about not being able to escape. He noted that Jaycee had been with the Garridos longer than she had lived with her own mother — and that she'd developed a strong bond with the Garridos.

An El Dorado County judge set a $30 million bail for Phillip Garrido; it's likely that if someone tried to post bail, "parole hold" would keep him in prison. As of September 16, 2009, no bail had been set for his wife. Their attorneys are arranging psychiatric evaluations of both. They've pleaded not guilty to a combined 29 felony charges.

Contra Costa County Sheriff Warren E. Rupf has publicly apologized for his department's failure to recognize the situation when they visited the Garridos in 2006 and 2008. Now people are wondering what other crimes authorities may have missed.

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