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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali

The Final Punishment

Jodi's tenure as the webmaster and slave to Marcus continued until March 2001, when she tried yet again to leave. But first she would have to be punished.

She went to see her master, terrified, but fearing she had no choice.

In a Long Island house that belonged to a woman named Sherry, she was sent to the basement. When she tried to say she didn't want to go, Marcus forced her by smashing her head into a beam.

Jodi's tongue is pierced
Jodi's tongue is pierced

She was tied up by her wrists and ankles to the beam and flogged. She was drugged with a Valium. He pierced her tongue with a surgical needle and left her to hang from the ceiling for another 45 minutes. Adding insult to injury, another Pooch diary was written about this — complete with photos.

The May 18, 2001 diary entry read: "OVER 25 NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICS are now up in the slavespace MEMBER SECTION! These BRAND NEW PICS include poochie being hung by its wrists and ankles with ropes for hours!!, pooch with a VERY VERRRRRRRRRRY loooooong needle through its tongue, pooch being severly whipped while having clothespins on its nipples and clit, and.........much much MUCH MORE!!! Sir has once again allowed pooch to put up a preview picture here! Thank YOU SIR! :-) To see the larger image, click on the picture to the left!!"

Terrified, Jodi lived in the New York apartment until August 2001 when Rona told her she wanted her to leave. Marcus let her move out, but according to court documents, "she continued to stay involved with the defendant in order to maintain a semblance of control over his use of her pictures on the website," until 2003. One of her last encounters with him was a camping trip.

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