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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali


The outrage had crossed a line. She later testified she had felt "completely beaten down, trapped and full of terror."

She and the other slave, Joanna, both now wanted to leave; but Marcus wouldn't let them. He threatened harm to their families and exposure: he promised to send videos of the things he'd done to Jodi to her father.

Adding insult to injury, Jodi was now the one running Marcus' website, In January 2000, she was instructed to move to New York to live with another woman, named Rona, where she would be working for Slavespace, which charged money for the exclusive content — including herself naked, in chains, tied up and gagged.

Jodi, hooded
Jodi, hooded

It was then, Jodi would later contend, that she was forced to write her gleeful diary entries, which were posted on the site along with photographs taken during her torture session, where, to readers it seemed she was happy to be tortured.

The labor she did on the website turned out to be one of Marcus' biggest mistakes in dealing with Jodi.

According to court documents, she worked full eight-plus hour days; posting pictures, diaries and clicking repeatedly on the page so that Marcus could tally higher page views. She would testify that she only worked for the website because she was scared of the repercussions that Marcus would inflict on her. And she had reason to be afraid. According to court documents, when web traffic had not met Marcus' expectations, she had been tied up, her mouth had been gagged with a washcloth, and her labia had been pierced with a safety pin and locked by padlock.

Additionally, Jodi would contend, she wasn't paid for her work; rather Marcus received all the profits from the website — court records indicate it was hundreds of dollars per month.

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