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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali

The Fun Ends for Jodi

By 1999, nearly a year after her first meeting with her master, the bloom had come off the rose. According to court records, she had started burning herself with a cigarette and told Marcus what she was doing. Instead of telling her not to do it anymore, he did the opposite: He instructed her to burn herself more. In their next meeting, he slapped her and burned her forehead, arms, the bottom of her feet, the back of her neck and her vagina. She later testified: "I felt like I was literally in hell. I felt like I was on fire; I couldn't put it out."

Jodi's bruises
Jodi's bruises

In submissive-dominance play, the slave is expected to please the dominant person: Jodi, though, had lost the distinction between fantasy and reality and became convinced that she was not good enough to be Marcus' slave. She was convinced that she had let him down, somehow, and she became depressed.

She tried to do better to please her master, but his requests were so sordid she could not comply. First, according to court records, he asked her to convince her younger sister to come visit them at their house in Baltimore; he wanted to give the sister Rohypnol, commonly referred to as Roofies — the date-rape drug — and allegedly wanted to rape her. Jodi refused to comply. He then asked that she find another sex slave for them via their website. When she was unable to do so, court documents say, he told her "the next time he visited, she would be so severely punished that she might not be able to work for some time afterwards."

In October 1999, according to court documents, Marcus came down from Long Island to Baltimore again. Among his first orders of business was to handcuff her to the wall. Then, he went to take a nap. At this time, Jodi later testified, "she had a moment of clarity and decided she wanted to leave."

Marcus had a new "slave" at the house at the time, Celia. Jodi told Celia that she wanted to leave. Celia, understanding that the relationship was no longer consensual, unlocked her handcuffs and released her from the wall.

But, in the meantime, Marcus had been woken from his nap by Doggie. He was not pleased. Jodi was retied to the wall and a whiffle ball placed in her mouth. He put a hood over her head and he sewed her lips together with surgical needles.

Later, he whipped her and had sex with her.

Then, according to court documents, she was placed on a flat board, handcuffed, and Marcus "attempted to sew Jodi's vagina closed using a sewing needle and thread, only stopping when the needle broke."

Horror movie writers would have struggled to come up with tortures as cruel.

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