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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali

Smoke and Mirrors

But the quotidian reality S and M svengali Glenn Marcus, was quite different. The New York Post described him as "a chubby and balding man who appeared in court in an ill-fitting suit and thick glasses." In real life, he was a sad sack. Forty-something at the beginning of his relationship with Jodi, he was living in his parent's basement on Long Island, selling comic books by day, pretending to be lord of the universe by night.

He would travel to the house of his other "slave," Doggie — real name: Joanna — in Baltimore to meet Jodi and the others.

According to the New York Daily News, Marcus's sole possessions were a 1994 Jeep Cherokee and $250.

Some master.

Jodi is branded
Jodi is branded

By the time she had moved to be closer to her master, Jodi was fully branded. Literally. The master had burned a "G" on her buttocks.

According to court records, "the branded skin subsequently developed into a severe burn, but the defendant did not permit Jodi to seek medical attention."

Soon after, Marcus had shaved Jodi's hair off, and had her sever her ties with her friends and family.

According to court documents, when he was away from the apartment, his slaves were to recite the list of rules (known and posted on as "Master's Expectations").

They were directed to wear butt plugs and breast clamps — failure to do so would be mean more punishment; either ordered by Marcus, or meted out by him. Punishment took the form of whippings and being caged.

Though this sort of role-playing is not unusual in BDSM communities, Jodi later asserted that, after a few years, she no longer enjoyed it and felt trapped by her literally confining relationship.

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