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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali

Up Close with the Master

This photo of Jodi was captioned, 'Sir does a beautiful drawing on poochie'
This photo of Jodi was captioned,
"Sir does a beautiful drawing on poochie"

Glenn Marcus was originally described by Jodi as being, "just SO cute, and handsome, and striking!!"

Jodi described him in her diary as being the kind of man that, if "poochie were vanilla (ack) and out in a club, and didn't know Sir, and Sir was just sitting there, poochie knows, that it would be doing EVERYTHING in its power to get that man's attention!!!"

On the free part of, there was no picture of the Master, just pictures of his slaves being debased. The image that they painted of him was one of strength: a tall, powerful, handsome man, fearsome and awe-inspiring. On the website, he posted his rules for his submissives, the contract to which his slaves were expected to adhere.

"I am nothing more than an object — an instrument to be used by my Master for HIS pleasures."

"I will never look into the eyes of my Master without His permission. My eyes must be cast down in the presence of my Master. "

"My place is on my knees before my Master."

"I will not hesitate in my obedience to my Master.

"My life is empty without Master to please."

Many of his demands were in accord with usual practices of the BDSM community. But a few weren't.

For instance, number 36. "Although I can ask for PERMANENT release at any time, I may not do so while I am being punished."

Perhaps it was number 78 that would become the lynchpin for the federal government's case against Marcus. "The money I earn in my career is mine to keep, however, I must ask my Master how I should spend or save it. I may present ways to Him for His approval. I will accept the responsibilities He gives me in the handling of my finances. It is important to my Master that I learn to handle money wisely so, if needed, I can reach my goals."

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