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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali

Her First Year as a Slave


When Jodi met Marcus, she had a mop of long, unruly, dark and curly hair. She looked like what she was — a woman from the Midwest taking a very scary walk on the wild side. In most photos from the early days posted on the pages of — whether she was blindfolded, shown naked with clamps on her nipples, or with needles spelling out GM stuck in her belly — she is grinning ear-to-ear.

As she visited him again and again, the visits became more intense. During her second trip, Marcus's treatment sharpened — he stuck his fingers up her nose to lead her around, he whipped her, he choked and asphyxiated her until she blacked out. She wrote: "Sir had been so patient with Poochie about this. Sir could very well have gone ahead and done it, could have strangled and killed Poochie if he had wanted to. There was one point in which, after several attempts, Sir had his hands around Pooch's neck, and Pooch was so much in a "freaking out state," that it started panicking right away, and begging begging Sir to please please please "wait!"

A photo of her in this diary entry shows her completely wrapped up in saran wrap from her neck to her ankles, with only her breasts and pelvic area exposed. Her head was completely wrapped in gauze, like a mummy. A tiny hole was left for her to breathe. Her mouth was stuffed with a chain, which Marcus then pulled.

She wrote: "At one point, Poochie felt itself swaying, and thinking that it might pass out. The saran was very hot!"

While she was bound, Marcus wrote obscenities on her forehead. Later he put her in a bathtub and submerged her, giving her only a turkey baster for air. Jodi loved it, sort of.

She wrote: "Pooch had a little trouble in the beginning, with getting water in its nose, and choking on it. After this happened a few times, Sir stuffed something into pooch's nose, to keep it from trying to breathe through it. Pooch also had some trouble with not keeping its lips pressed tightly enough around the tube, and water would get into pooch's mouth, and it would have to swallow it."

The climax of the trip was graphic. While blindfolded, she was cut repeatedly by Marcus with a knife, the word "slave" slashed into her stomach.

It was decided then that she would move to be closer to her master.

The final thoughts in her diary about the visit? "About being relocated...there are no words to describe how HAPPY and EXCITED and BOUNCING HAPPY poochie is!!!Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou SIR!!!"

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