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Glenn Marcus: The S&M Svengali

They Meet in Real Life

Jodi arrived at the airport, brimming with excitement. Another slave of "Sir," "Doggie" was her escort. The two women immediately got along. Jodi wrote in her online diary, "She is even more beautiful in person! I felt very comfortable with Doggie, almost immediately."

In the midst of their camaraderie, though, the two girls got lost and showed up at Marcus's house later than expected.

For her first visit, Jodi was blindfolded, bathed, and given an enema. Later, still blindfolded, she had sex with Marcus. Her induction included being walked on all fours to the grass and relieving herself in front of Marcus.

Jodi aka 'poochie'
Jodi aka "poochie"

According to her diary, Jodi — or Pooch — was elated. "There was no hiding, just completely exposed for him. He owns EVERY part of me. There was nothing to be embarrassed about, nothing because it all belongs to him."

Her second day didn't go so well. She was to practice and perform a dance and to play piano for him. But when she got in front of Marcus, Jodi messed up her song and dance, and began to cry. After her poor performance, she was put in a cage.

By then, another slave, who went by the name "Nameless," had showed up, with her master. Jodi was brought out of the cage and muzzled with a washcloth and tied up while Marcus inserted a speculum into her.

She had not eaten for two days when Marcus finally fed his "slaves."

They explored the full gamut of BDSM: choking and asphyxia, anal sex (according to the diary, Jodi's first time), golden showers, lesbian sex, and beatings. At the end of a weekend most people would consider to be actual torture — and which she would later contend was — she wrote,

"When it was time for Poochie to leave, I felt very sad, but also VERY happy and at peace too. Being there, was beyond, way beyond, anything I imagined it would be. There is just no one else like Sir. He is extraordinary. He is funny, hilarious!, brilliant, talented in hundreds of different ways, and.......oh yeah! he is mean and scary too! :-O Beyond all of that, Sir is real. Everything he told me, before I came to him, was true. Absolutely everything."

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