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Pamela Rogers
Pamela Rogers

A pretty physical education teacher who made a lot of news from her antics was former beauty queen Pamela Rogers in McMinnville, Tennessee. Her brief marriage ended early in 2005, by which time the 28-year-old had already seduced a 13-year-old basketball player. She told him via a text message she thought he was cute, to which he responded that he thought she was "hot." They started to meet secretly for about three months at school, her home and his, but the affair was discovered and in February 2005, Rogers was in court.

She faced 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape. She initially pled not guilty but on August 12, 2005, she agreed to plead "no contest" to four counts of sexual battery and to serve about nine months in the Warren County jail (she was out in six). With a suspended eight-year sentence, Rogers had to serve just over seven years of probation, wherein she could not profit from her crimes, she had to register as a sex offender, and she had to leave the boy alone. In addition, she had to give up her teaching certificate.

Defying the court, Rogers sent a video image of herself in black lingerie to the boy's cell phone (which made it online to several Web sites). Some sources indicate she also sent nude photos, and she communicated with the boy and his sister via MySpace Web site blogs. A close acquaintance of the boy told a reporter for the New York Post that Rogers had become obsessed.

Pamela Rogers
Pamela Rogers

This activity was a blatant violation of her probation, so Rogers was arrested again on April 24, 2006. This time she received seven years in prison. She pleaded for mercy and apologized to all she had harmed. She admitted that what she did was wrong and said she was willing to rehabilitate herself, but the judge did not believe her. He ordered her to serve the rest of her sentence — seven years — at the Tennessee State prison for Women, and later added two more years when Rogers pled guilty to sending nude photos of herself to the boy.

Mental health experts indicated that Rogers was sexually immature, as well as addicted to sex. She's apparently not alone among female teachers.

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