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Hotbed of Child Pornography

Rodreick enrolled in four different charter schools (often being expelled for lack of attendance) and joined churches so he could ingratiate himself with boys. It was the administrators at a school in Chino Valley who finally alerted the police. When Stiffler posed as his grandfather to enroll him in the Mingus Springs Charter School on January 16, administrators grew suspicious; the boy looked older then twelve. His paperwork contained inconsistencies as well and some of the supposed facts failed to check out. 

Yavapai sheriff's patch
Yavapai sheriff's patch

At first, officials believed that perhaps Casey was an abducted child, with a family somewhere who missed him. Such stories were surfacing in other parts of the country, so they called the Yavapai sheriff's office, and officers took the boy in for questioning. He answered with a shy, quiet voice, and they, too, believed he was a teenager until Nellis revealed the ruse. The officers also noticed the beard stubble poking through the face powder Rodreick used, so they confronted him. Then they checked out his residence and discovered the hotbed of sex offenders hoarding child pornography.

According to news reports, despite participation in the deception, Stiffler and Snow were shocked to learn that this "boy" they had supported was in fact a full-grown man. They weren't happy about being lied to.

The police confiscated photographs and videos from the home, and it seemed that, based on one video that featured him, Rodreick had succeeded in molesting at least one boy. (The child was eventually identified as a boy from Oklahoma.) Rodreick and the others were indicted on thirty counts, including fraud, forgery, and failure to register as sex offenders. They all pled not guilty and were assigned public defenders while jurisdictional issues were sorted out.

The news on March 7 from the Prescott Daily Courier was that a judge had ordered the disclosure to media of most of the documents relating to the case. Rodreick's attorney, Steve August, objected, so the judge ordered that a psychologist's report, once finished, will remain sealed, as will a videotape that may contain incriminating images. August indicated that head trauma in Rodreick's past had a bearing on the case, possibly making him mentally unfit to stand trial. Hearings were postponed until after the reports were completed.

It's no surprise that a convicted sex offender might lie and deceive people, but it's ironic that he deceived his own ilk as well. Lately, there's been quite a lot of reporting on sexual predators, from license plates to confinement laws and therapy.

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