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At the time of their arrest, du Toit and Kruger had only been told that they were suspected of rape. They didn't know that Alison had not died, and Det. Humpel was planning on using this information to throw them off balance. He took Kruger aside first, since he was the youngest at 19 years, and because 26-year-old du Toit was much more organized, having had a number of run-ins with the police before.

Kruger carelessly slumped in the chair in Det. Humpel's office. The detective told him that he would be charged with rape and attempted murder. Kruger was confused about the attempted murder charge, and Det. Humpel told him that Alison had survived their attack. Not only that, but she remembered everything that had happened on that night.

The knife used in the attempted murder
The knife used in the attempted murder

Shocked, Kruger swore and said that in that case it wouldn't help if he lied. He produced the rings that du Toit had taken from Alison, and proceeded to recount the events of December 17-18.

Kruger was having a barbeque at du Toit's. The two men were drinking beer and there was some friction between du Toit and his wife due to financial issues. At some point the men left, having decided to find "a beautiful girl to rape and kill with a nice car." They did not finish the barbeque, and drank a 2.5 liter sherry at a shebeen, before embarking on their mission. They didn't have success and Kruger lost interest, going to Club Tonite. Du Toit continued the search and later came to find him.

At Noordhoek, du Toit first raped the woman and then Kruger did. Du Toit strangled her and they pulled her from the car. Kruger asked his friend whether he thought the girl was dead. "Let's find out," he replied, and stuck his knife into her stomach. He apparently liked it and continued stabbing her. Then Kruger took out his hunting knife and drew it across the skin of her throat. Du Toit shoved him aside and repeatedly slit her throat, cutting the wound deeper and deeper. Then they drove off, had some more beer and went to sleep.

Van Stadens bridge
Van Stadens bridge

Kruger agreed to confess in front of a magistrate as well, at which time he also confessed to raping the pregnant woman earlier in December. In addition, he provided the detective with the knife — engraved with the name "Frik" — which he had used to cut Alison's throat.

Du Toit was equally bewildered at learning of Alison's survival. He told pretty much the same story. Det. Humpel noted that he showed absolutely no remorse; in fact, he seemed to derive much pleasure from divulging all the details. Du Toit said they had wanted to look for another girl the next day. This one, he said, they would've thrown off the Van Stadens bridge, which is 410 feet high and quite a popular location to commit suicide. The policeman must have felt a chill.

On December 20, Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger appeared in the magistrates' court on numerous charges.

They did not receive bail.

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