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Left for Dead

So they wanted to rape her. That's what this was all about.

"Are you going to fight?" he asked.

Alison played the scenario out behind her eyes. She could not see herself winning a physical altercation in this situation. She also believed they would not harm her otherwise if she complied.

"No," she said at last.

It might seem strange that a woman would relent so "easily," and not at least try to protect herself. A district surgeon, Dr Werner Viljoen, who examines many rape survivors, told me that (unless alcohol is involved) in most of his cases there are few signs of physical violence having been done to the women. He speculates that South African women, living in a country where sexual violence is rife, have learnt that fighting won't prevent the rape but rather result in them ending up dead, i.e., rather relent and live than fight and die.

Ellen Bassuk quotes a further explanation by M. Symonds: "Not only do people submit, but psychological infantilism that occurs with its consequent helplessness makes it appear to the outsider that their behavior was friendly and cooperative. It is a response of frozen fright that confuses everyone."

"Take off your clothes."

She did.

Clinton grabbed her head and shoved her face into his lap, ordering her to fellate him. Alison felt dazed, only thinking that she should not throw up. But he was violent and she gagged.

"If you bite me, I'll kill you," he said, the knife against her head.

Alison decided that she would hide away her emotion, refusing to give them the satisfaction of seeing how she felt.

He pulled her head away and got between her legs with his mouth.

"Does your boyfriend do this to you? Do you like it?"

He moved up to her breast, leaving a blemish at which he smiled, and finally stuck his tongue inside her mouth. The foul taste of nicotine invaded her.

"You have the nicest tasting fanny."

And then he raped her. She did not want to touch him and pushed her hands against the ceiling of the car. Over his shoulder, she could see Theuns watching.

Ali, he's doing this to your body but not to you, he can't touch you, she told herself.

When he finished, he sat back in the driver's seat.

Later he called out to Theuns, asking, "Do you also want to have sex with this lovely lady?"

Theuns replied in crude Afrikaans what he intended to do.

"Don't speak to her like that, she's a lady," Clinton said.

Theuns walked around to the passenger door and opened it. He kissed her. Although he was only semi-erect, he shoved himself inside her anyway.

But only for a while. Then he withdrew, saying, "No, I can't do this." He slammed the door and sat on the car's bonnet. From one of his pockets, he pulled a hunting knife with a blade of about 8 inches.

The knife frightened her, and she felt even more vulnerable being naked. She asked Clinton whether she could put her clothes back on, and, receiving no reply, she started to dress.

Theuns became restless and called his friend's name, "Frans." ("Frans" is an Afrikaans name, pronounced like the British say "France.") Alison stored this information.

They proceeded to discuss what to do with her. One option was to leave her naked. Then one asked, "What do you think Oom Nick would want us to do with her, hey?" ("Oom Nick" is an Afrikaans version of "Old Nick," literally meaning "Uncle Nick," a euphemistic name for the devil.)

"I think he wants us to kill her."

Alison did not think they were serious. She thought they were trying to scare her.

"Take off your clothes," Frans said again.

Although she felt a sinking sensation, Alison also saw a glimmer of hope. Perhaps they have decided to leave her here naked then, and go.

Again she undressed, leaving only her sandals, which she would need for the walk back to the city. Frans also ordered her to take off her rings, which he redistributed to Theuns.

Alison was quite sure she would be freed now. She blinked her eyes. And Frans was on top of her, his hands around her neck, his fingers sinking into her vulnerable flesh. His face were almost touching hers, his cold eyes two voids trying to suck in hers.

"Please don't kill me," she whispered.

"Sorry," he replied.

Alison felt her bowels evacuating, and then everything faded to black.

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