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August 7, 1995. The day of sentencing. People descended upon the courthouse in droves. Extra chairs were carried in but many people had to stand anyway. Mr Justice Chris Jansen told the two accused that he had strong reservations about the sincerity of their remorse, and that their crimes had been premeditated and planned. He said that the horrific attack on Alison was like "a boy walking with a slingshot, shooting birds simply to kill," according to Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of August 8, 1995. Their claims of demonic possession had made little impression on the judge, and he stated that it would be "a sad day when this religion serves as a mitigating factor."

It was the court's responsibility to remove these two men from society forever, the judge said. Therefore, he sentenced Frans du Toit to three terms of life imprisonment, one for the charges related to each attack. Theuns Kruger received 25 years for the rape of the pregnant woman and a life sentence for the attack on Alison. (There is no death penalty in South Africa.) He continued to order that copies of the sentences be placed inside each man's prison record, so that the authorities will know that the judge wanted them to remain in prison "for the rest of their natural lives," according to Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of August 8, 1995.

The three survivors left the courtroom drained, relieved and satisfied that justice had been done.

Du Toit's wife left in tears.

Kruger left with a bang on the wall and a yell, as reported in Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of August 8, 1995, "Well, here we go! F—- you all!"

So much for the "empathy for his rape victims and remorse for what he had done."

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