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Prelude to a Trial

On December 29, du Toit and Kruger again appeared in the magistrates' court. They were ordered to undergo 30 days' psychiatric evaluation at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital at Cape Town. During this time they would reside at Pollsmoor Prison.

Pollsmoor Prison
Pollsmoor Prison

A week later, it was ruled — in their absence — that they would be tried on all the charges relating to their victims simultaneously. There was still uncertainty whether du Toit would have a separate trial for the girl he raped alone.

Towards the end of January, reporters got their eyes on a number of the reports handed in to the court as part of the charge sheet. Some of the information was quite sensational.

Du Toit apparently had become involved in Satanism at the tender age of 13. He felt that he had an evil side that became more prominent when inebriated. While having sex, it was "in his thoughts to kill," according to an article in Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of January 28, 1995.

Kruger, on the other hand, could not obtain enough sexual satisfaction since he could not always find a willing partner. He did not believe in God, but in the devil. He also sported two nicknames — "Damien," from the movie The Omen where a boy by this name was the devil's son, and "Chucky," based on the murderous doll inhabited by the soul of a killer in the Child's Play horror movies. Apparently, he had no feelings for anybody, although he liked the aunt he had been living with, because she "gave him food and is friendly," according to a second article in the same newspaper.

The 'Chucky' doll, holding a knife
The 'Chucky' doll, holding a knife

On the morning of March 3, an identity parade was held at the Murder and Robbery Unit. Alison was there, as were the pregnant woman they had raped earlier in December and another woman they had attempted to abduct two days prior to Alison's attack.

On March 23, both du Toit and Kruger pleaded guilty to eight charges, including kidnapping, rape and attempted murder. Their attorney, Henry Lerm, read their plea explanation to the court. It detailed their attacks on the pregnant woman and on Alison. Regarding Alison, du Toit's statement included the following sections, as quoted in Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of March 24, 1995: "I just told her 'sorry' when she pleaded with me not to kill her. I put both my hands around her neck and squeezed. I strangled her until she went completely limp." And later, after he described how Kruger made the initial cut to Alison's throat: "I pushed Theuns away and cut her repeatedly across the throat. I probably cut her twenty to thirty times on the same place with the knife." While their lawyer was reading these chilling words, the two accused just stared expressionlessly, revealing no emotion. Nonetheless, both ended their statements by saying that they were "sorry" for what they had done.

Interestingly, du Toit pleaded not guilty to the four charges relating to his solo attack during February of the previous year. No one except du Toit (and perhaps his lawyer) knows why, but he decided to exercise his right to remain silent in this regard.

They appeared in court again on April 26. Although nothing of legal significance happened, it is interesting to note the two men's demeanor. They seemed quite relaxed and spoke at length with du Toit's wife and brother-in-law. Du Toit and his wife held hands and periodically there was laughter. Although she eyed the press cameras with some trepidation, du Toit and Kruger didn't mind their pictures being taken.

Du Toit's father-in-law spoke with reporters afterwards. He said that his family was going through a very difficult time. His daughter, in particular, was struggling. "She comes from a good family," he was quoted in Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of April 27, 1995. "It wasn't necessary that something like this should've happened to her." As is so often the case, those who are close to the offender suffer the burden of what he has done, while he seems almost oblivious.

On May 30, it was ruled that the trial would begin on June 12 in the Supreme Court. The accused faced multiple charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances, abduction, indecent assault, rape and attempted murder.

On June 8, less than a week before the trial would begin, du Toit held a press conference to discuss the influence that Satanism has had on his life and to "warn others against the dangers" of such involvement, according to Die Burger (Oos-Kaap) of June 9, 1995. He looks pretty relaxed and comfortable on the photos, with an empty cake plate and a cup of coffee in front of him. He also revealed that an exorcism had been organized for the 10th. Interesting timing.

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