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Treva Throneberry: The Girl Who Refused to Grow Up


Several weeks after she abruptly left the Gambetta family, Treva found a new home with a Portland police officer and his wife with whom she lived until she graduated in June 2000. It was during her stay with the family that the truth about Treva surfaced. The discovery of her real identity proved to be a shock not only to her foster parents but also to everyone who knew her. Ken was especially surprised that the girl he went to the homecoming dance with was actually 12 years his senior.

Treva Throneberry, aka Brianna Stewart
Treva Throneberry, aka
Brianna Stewart

Treva's arrest in March 2001 led to a new investigation into the rape allegations against Charles Blankenship. It didn't take long for the authorities to realize an injustice had been done because she was not underage at the time. Blankenship, who according to Lydgate served 50 days of his sentence in jail and "lost his job because of the incident," was pardoned for the crime. The false charge was one of many allegations later made against Treva. 

The other charges included those of theft for passing herself off as a teenager "to get $3,620.27 worth of state-paid foster care and a $1,050 tuition waiver from Clark College," where she enrolled in September 2000, Vogt reported. She was charged for perjury for trying to obtain legal documentation using a false identity. In July 2001. Treva received an arrest warrant for filing a false police report in 1993 against a Portland police officer that she claimed raped her. The more investigators learned about Treva, the more charges were filed against her.

The state compiled a wealth of evidence against Treva to support their case. There were fingerprints, photographs and eyewitness accounts proving that Treva lived and was schooled in various places throughout the U.S. using numerous aliases. There was also the dentist's report and DNA evidence taken from blood samples, which proved that there was a 99.93% chance that she was the daughter of Carl and Patsy Throneberry. Despite the overwhelming proof, Treva refused to acknowledge her parents as her own or even admit that she was Treva Throneberry. To her, it was simply a case of mistaken identity. 

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