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The Only Living Witness: The True Story Of Ted Bundy

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Throughout August of 1974, Ted Bundy attacked the DES budget in the haphazard fashion so characteristic of his school work. As his early September departure date approached, he'd bear down for sev­eral days, then go flat and do nothing. His last night in the northwest was spent at the DES office with Liz, and it wasn't until the early hours of the next morning that he at last completed his work.

Ted and Liz drove back up to Seattle, where he hurriedly packed his VW. They breakfasted together and afterward he humored her when she asked him to pose for her camera. Ted was exhausted and Liz was near tears during these final moments. They embraced and kissed, then he jumped in his bug and drove off.

Within days Elzie Hammons, the grouse hunter, stumbled across the desiccated bones and sinews of Denise Naslund and Janice Ott. In a brief news conference, Nick Mackie of the King County police officially acknowledged what the Seattle newspapers had been sug­gesting for months. "The worst we feared," Mackie told reporters, "is true."


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