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Ruthann Aron: A Deadly Campaign

The Sting

Fearing that Ruthann might take matters into her own hands, investigators wanted to close the ring around her. They immediately moved into action with their plan to get the last bit of evidence necessary to close the case. That evidence entailed providing proof that she was actually willing to go through with plans for their intended murders.

Marriott Hotel, Gaithersburg, MD
Marriott Hotel, Gaithersburg, MD

As requested by undercover Detective Ryan, Ruthann made a down payment of $500 for the slayings. The money was put into an envelope, inscribed with the bogus company name "Universal Systems," and delivered to the front desk of a Gaithersburg Marriot hotel. To prevent detection she wore a big white hat, a trench coat and sunglasses, not thinking for a moment that she might appear suspicious wearing fall-type apparel on a hot June day.

Moments after making the drop, Ruthann ditched her disguise and made her way to a scheduled golf game with members of the Planning Board. She had no idea that her every movement was being monitored by the police. That June 9th, Ruthann enjoyed golfing with her colleagues, discussing her new campaign for an at-large seat on the Montgomery County Council. However, she left the game early in order to make a phone call after she received a page from Detective Ryan.

When Ruthann called him, Ryan asked once again if she was sure whether she wanted to go through with their plan. She didn't hesitate a moment and gave the all clear to carry out the slayings. It was the moment investigators were waiting for.

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