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Murder, they blogged


Bullying, murder and cannibalismthe online world is no playground; it mirrors our flesh-and-blood world in all its danger and ugliness. A series of recent tragedies and their ongoing legal developments remind us of just that.

Lori Drew, Rachelle Waterman, Kevin Ray Underwood
Lori Drew, Rachelle Waterman, Kevin Ray Underwood

Megan Meier, a blossoming 13-year old from a Missouri suburb, committed suicide after a jealous neighbor's mother allegedly masqueraded as a courting teenage boy and feuded with her on MySpace.

Rachelle Waterman, then 16, blogged about her difficulties with her mother on a remote Alaskan island. When she complained to her ex-boyfriends, the two older men lent a hand by killing her mother, and implicated the teenager.

Kevin Ray Underwood explored the darkest recesses of his psyche on his blog. At 26, the Oklahoman acted on these black desires, abducting, killing and raping a childwhom he was planning to eat.


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