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As the detectives searched the house, Kacey watched Barron dig through a bedroom closet. At the bottom of the closet, Barron found a soft case for a guitar. When he squeezed the case he felt something hard inside, something much smaller than a guitar. He reached in and pulled out a gun, a .38-caliber revolver. It was the same kind as the gun used to shoot Lon Kim in the back.

Barron turned and smiled. "I looked over at Kacey and saw this change on his face," the detective recalls. "He had given us this story how he could never be involved with something like this. He was waiting to go into the Marines, and he was going to be gone in about six weeks."

Barron arrested Kacey Ephriam for the murder of Lon Kim.

As the detectives made their way out of the house, with the gun in hand and Kacey in tow, one of them said to Barron, "Weren't you looking for an Oldsmobile?"

Parked next to the house was a tan 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass that belonged to Kerry and Kacey's mother. The detectives took that car with them, too.

Later, SID searched the Oldsmobile and found a human hair in the trunk. Testing revealed the hair had come from the head of someone of Asian descent, someone like Lon Kim.

Doreen Hudson, SID Specialist
Doreen Hudson, SID Specialist

"The only plausible explanation for Lon Kim's head hair to be in the trunk of the Oldsmobile was that he was transported in that car," says SID trace evidence specialist Doreen Hudson.


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