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Street where Taylor's car was found.
Street where Taylor's car was found.

Sept. 17 — In the early morning hours, Taylor's 1997 white Ford Escort is found parked on the street by off duty police officer walking his dog in 500 block of North Mulberry Street, a quiet, well-maintained neighborhood about a mile and a half from the campus. The locked car was put under surveillance for 12 hours after which it was impounded.

The K-9 was brought to the car and picked up two scents — one of Taylor and the other allegedly of Jesse Schultz, 22, who lived in the 800 block of Sheppard Street several blocks from the place where Taylor's car was found.

Sept. 19 — Police announce that Taylor's car had Ohio license plates that had been stolen in the Richmond area weeks earlier. The plates were stolen from a former VCU student whose name has been withheld. Residents in the area said the car had not been parked in that location the entire time Taylor has been missing. Family and friends attended vigil for Taylor.

Richmond police arrested Jesse Schultz on drug-possession charges. Schultz said that he did not know Taylor and had not been in her car. Police say that he failed the questions on a polygraph test when he said he denied knowing Taylor or having ever been in her car. Schultz also said that he is not a skateboarder.

Schultz and Taylor have in common a skateboarding friend. The Nissan Altima of this skateboarding friend in common was impounded for forensic analysis because Taylor may have been riding in that car before her disappearance. Times-Dispatch learned that the skateboarding friend in common refused a polygraph test.

Ben W. Fawley
Ben W. Fawley

Sept. 21 — Ben W. Fawley, 38-year-old photographer of Internet erotica, father of two girls, and intimate friend of Taylor's, has been linked to a child pornography investigation. His lawyer, Chris Collins, claims his client is a suspect because he was one of the last person's to see her before she vanished. "She came back over later in the evening. Somewhere around 9:00. She borrowed a skateboard. He walked her back to the dorm about 9:30," Collins said. Fawley was named a "person of interest" by the Richmond police.

Taylor's family lawyer, George O. Peterson, and her uncle packed up Taylor's belongings and removed them from her dormitory. Peterson says that Taylor will not be coming back to VCU and her mother is looking for a full tuition refund. The family is very critical of VCU's handling of the case. Peterson announced a reward fund had been set up with the initial amount of $11,000. Donations can be made to the reward fund through the CPA firm of Johnson & Scarborough, 2571 Chain Bridge Rd.
Vienna VA 22182-5576.   

If you have any questions regarding donations, contact the family attorney: George O. Peterson at (703) 472-3699.
If you have any questions regarding donations, contact the family attorney: George O. Peterson at (703) 472-3699.

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