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After their breakup, Ben Fawley began to subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly harass Erin Crabill. One tactic was to place lewd personal ads at, a vast online community, using one of Erin's screen names. In early August of 2005, Fawley continued his harassment of Crabill by making a number of blogs and at least one website intended to portray her as "a porn star," and "psycho."

Erin Crabill
Erin Crabill

Crabill admitted that she'd done modeling and role-playing that could be considered pornographic in nature. She wrote me the following about how her career doing this sort of work began during an Internet Instant Message conversation:

I worked at 7-11 and some bogus "talent scout" guy told me he wanted me to be in his agency.  I fell for it, but found out he was a fake(...) In the same week I got approached by another person who said I should be a model and I thought, well I bet you I could do that.

While she has posed nude for erotic photographs by several professional photographers, the "porn" Erin has been connected with might not meet the conventional definition of pornography. Crabill said she has never participated in the 'classic' adult-oriented material involving penetration, nor videos or photos of her with male partners at all, but what some may term "fetish" videos and photos — scenes of topless women tickling each other under the arms or on the soles of the feet, women being spanked, and in one instance, women bound in spandex fighting and wrestling. To the intended audience, the use of this material places it in the same category as the pornography sold in your corner adult video store.

Shortly after Ben and Erin's romantic relationship ended he was hired to be an extra on the set of a movie she was in that was supposed to depict scenes of spanking.

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