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The Mysterious Disappearance of Paige Birgfeld

Secret Life

Paige Birgfeld held no license to perform acupuncture in Colorado. Then again, neither did she hold a license to practice prostitution, a trade with which authorities claimed she was all too familiar.

Paige Birgfeld
Paige Birgfeld

In a now defunct profile at, Paige was billed as "Carrie," a Grand Junction escort with 34D-24-35 measurements. She offered both in-call and outcall services to men, women and couples. Those services were described as "escort, erotic massage, private dancer, groups and parties." She even agreed to travel, but only by chartered jet.

Under the heading, "how I describe myself," she wrote: "Beautiful body and face, nice hair and teeth. Sensual mannerisms with a fun attitude. Tired of chopped meat showing up when you ordered Filet Mignon? Affluent clients are lavishing in delightful sessions."

On June 25, 2007, a user known only as "Dennis" posted the following review to Paige's profile:

Carrie's Escort Reviews

Posted By: Dennis Posted On: 6/25/2007

Appearance: Her picture does not do her justice; she is a sexy goddess!

Experience: I was more important than time and she stayed late

Recommend: I'm in love and wish I could see her everyday

Rating: (4.0 out of 5 stars)

Carrie is simply a very gorgeous woman. Very well dressed, clean (which I appreciate greatly). A little bit pricey but she explained to me that is why she is where she is because of the going rate. If you have the money she is worth every dime. Love ya Carrie.

Whatever led Paige to become an escort, it certainly had nothing to do with lack of love or friends.

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