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The Troubling Disappearance of Air Force Nurse Nonnie Dotson


On Dec. 7, 2006, Vehle finally met with investigators from the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. The meeting took place at the office of Jay S. Norton, Edward Vehle's San Antonio attorney.

According to Norton, Vehle provided investigators with receipts and cell phone records that prove he was either in San Antonio or Fredricksburg, Texas, during the days leading up to and following Nonnie's disappearance.

"This interview was not about Nonnie Dotson," Norton said in a brief comment to WOAI 4. "It was about where Ed was during relevant times."

Shortly after the interview, Crime Library spoke with Jefferson County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley, who said Vehle was cooperative during the 45-minute interview.

"I cannot give you any specifics, but I can say he answered all of the questions he was asked," Kelly said. However, when asked if the information was useful in regard to Nonnie's disappearance, she gave a less positive reply. "We are still no closer to understanding what happened," she said.

Crime Library also spoke with 2nd Lt. David Herndon, a spokesman for Wilford Hall Medical Center, where Dotson worked as an ICU nurse. According to Lt. Herndon, the military had changed Nonnie's status from "whereabouts unknown" to "missing."

During this time Crime Library received several emails from sources claiming that Vehle had filed for custody of Savannah.

Candice Dotson Doyle
Candice Dotson Doyle

"I am aware of the rumors, but we have not received any paperwork regarding custody," Nonnie's mother, Candice Dotson Doyle, told Crime Library. "If it were true, I would have to get a lawyer and find out what our rights are."

In addition to Doyle's comments, The Denver Post published an article that quoted Vehle's attorney as saying his client was not opposed to Nonnie's parents retaining custody of Savannah Marie.

"It's his belief that she is being adequately cared for and not neglected in any fashion," Norton said.

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